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Ishik University Sulaimani hosted 3rd Ishik Public Exhibition Projects (IPEP 2018) for scientific, social and Recycling Projects on April 17, 2018. The aims of the exhibition were to explore the ability of the students, and provide a platform for the students to present their projects and exchange ideas on the developments in each field of engineering, social, environment and economic. The exhibition was held among only Ishik students, which provides students had a chance to establish communication with each other in order to discuss their current work as well as to be encouraged in future projects.


The exhibition consisted of eight categories from three departments (Architectural Engineering, Civil engineering, Business and management).

the projects were graded by specialized jury members from outside of university and the winner students were certified and those who came in first place were awarded gold medal in the closing ceremony, the winners of the projects were as follows queued from gold to silver then bronze certification.


from IT category:


  • Drone: (Ahmad Mahmood, Hawraz Khasraw, Zamo Taha, Ramyar Salim)
  • Smart trash bin: (Sham Sarkawt, Twezhar kamal)
  • Blind Smart-phone: (Savel Kamal)


From business category 1:


  • University selection project: (Awin Jabar, Savel kamal, Chawan Rafiq, Debar Yasin)
  • Pricing policy: (Shram Sarkawt, Twezhar Kamal, Nyaz Abdulla, Hozak Wrya, Ahmad Zardasht).
  • Smart Depreciation Function: (Bryar Muhammad, Ahmad Sherzad, Sanarya Ala, Nammam Mahmood, Azeez Omed, Lava Faraidon)


From Business Category 2:


  • Internet Service Quality: (Bana Hassan, Shanya Nawzad)
  • Queueing Theory: (Tan Shamal, Bawar Azad)
  • Pine house project: (Dilman Hilal, Hiwa Omer, Rebin Sami, Bryar Muhammad)


From Civil Engineering Category:


  • Earthquake resistant building column design: ( Hedi Amjad, Karwan Muhammad, Tazhan Muhammad, Sarhad Ali).
  • Gates Head Millennium Bridge (Lana Abubakir).
  • Gyroscope Earthquake Resistant Building (Rahel Zahir, Bako Bakir , Peshwaz Mohammad, Sirwan Samad)


From Innovation category:


  • Suspension glass bridge in Rawandiz: (Ahmad Yahya, Lavin Jaafer)
  • Smart lighting for highway system: (Gashbin Luqman, Shagwl Said, Shahen Jamal)
  • Construction of Highway with technology: (Diyako Dlshad, Dastan Talb)



From Architecture Through Ages:


  • Tatlin’s Tower: (Dosty Azad, Muslim Jamal)
  • Parthenon: (Dosty Azad, Muslim Jamal)
  • Ziggurat of Ur: (Diya Hawre, Vania Karwan)


From Art category:


  • Diya Omer
  • Hawraz Burhan
  • Bryar Muhammed


From design category:


  • DC04: Qalla Mariwan
  • DC12: Saz Araz
  • Diya Hawre

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