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Welcome Party for Business and Management First Grade Students

Business and Management Department organized a welcome party for first grade students on 21.11.2018.

Mr. Taylan Budur, Head of Business and Management Department and Dr. Ahmet Demir welcomed students and encouraged them to focus on study in the new Academic year.

The event started with a speech by Mr. Taylan Budur   which pointed out the importance of education and the position of Ishik university in the Region. Also   Dr. Ahmet Demir head of the quality assurance explained the advantages of studying Business and Management and the difference of studying Business in Ishik University Sulaymaniyah. Beside that Shanya Newzad, Hiwa Omer and Dilman Hilal, fourth grade students of Business and Management students, shared some of their experience with freshmen.

At the end the students were very pleased and expressed that they will enjoy their time with each other in the future events.

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