Webometric Ranking Results – July/2019

We are pleased to announce that Tishk International University (Ishik University previously) is ranked the first among all Private Universities in Iraq according to the webometric ranking  results – July/2019.

The University’s Presidency extends the heartiest congratulations to all Tishk family members who worked hard and put through great efforts to reach this position. Also the congratulations are extended to our alumni, current students, faculty and staff, both past and present, for their strong dedication and commitment.

We will always try to keep our promise to our students and community to continually maintain improving the quality of the education and research at our University.

Tishk International University is the:

1st                Among all Private Universities in Iraq

3rd                Among all Universities (public and private) in Kurdistan Region.

15th              Among all Universities (public and private) in Iraq.

5033th        World Universities Ranking

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