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Visiting Sites and Primary school

On Monday, 26th February 2018, the second stage of the Architecture department visited two different sites proposed for primary school project and a primary school in Sulamaneyah city as a part of design lesson.

First the students and the teaching staff visited the 1st proposed site that located in Bakhtyari district then the 2nd proposed site that located in Harawazy district. The aim of visiting two different sites is to show the students two different sites with different properties and characteristics such as different location, surrounding, different topography and even different site shape. The main goal of visiting site is to teach students how to compare between different site and decide to select the better site to design their own project.

The second part of the activity was visiting The Private Sulaimanya primary school in Sarchinar district. The aim of visiting a project is to show students a designed project similar to their project to imagine designed spaces in practice. Also, it is important for students to see positive points and negative points of a designed and executed project to think in a skillful way while designing and to avoid any mistakes in their design.


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