Toward a global Ishik University

28.02.2017 (Ishik University Sulaimani campus), the engineering faculty of Ishik University prepared a seminar for two distinguished guest at Ishik University Sulaimani campus.


The seminar started with a welcoming speech delivered by Dr. Ahmet Oztas president of Isik University, after his welcoming speech Dr. Hans J. Hoyer (Secretary General of IFEES, Executive Secretary of GEDC) , delivered a seminar on the subject of (Student Platform for Engineering Education and Eevelopment),  and also explained the importance of students participation in the global communities activities, and briefly mentioned the GEDC ( Global Engineering Deans Council) which is an organization that brings together rectors and deans from around the world.


Later on Prof. Dr. David Scott from Curtin University of Australia explained some important issues regarding how to be a successful and professional engineer, he also delivered some ways in which student engineers can develop themselves furthermore.


After the two sessions of the seminar students were given a chance to discuss the problem that they encounter while trying to be a global citizen of the engineering community. At the end of the seminar both Dr. Hans J. Hoyer And Prof. Dr. David Scott, gave a chance to the students to have private talks with them so they can help Ishik Universities Bright minds reach the global engineering community and he also invited and gave information to all students on how to participate in globally distinguished events that are held by the IFEES.


Ishik University Sulaimani, organizes such events to promote and enhance student’s perspective toward the global community, to try yielding an atmosphere to the students to think globally.

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