Table Tennis Tournament

Dean of Students of Tishk International University Sulaimani organized a Table tennis Tournament starting from 12th November, 2018 until 22th April, 2019.

Students from all departments as well as staff participated in the tournament in which all the participants had a great friendship and fair game.
During the Academic year (2018-2019), many games have been played between students and staffs, the winner of the table games were invited to play the final game.

1. Mr.Kaywan Osman (Lecturer at Civil Engineering Department)
2. Mr.Sait Ibrahim (IT Professional)
3.Shwaz Hashim (Civil Engineering Freshman student)
4. Salman Mahmud (Civil Engineering Junior student )

On 22th of April, 2019 three games have been played between the participants, the final match was played between (Shwaz Hashim ) Freshman student of Civil Engineering & Mr.Sait Ibrahim) at 11:00 am. The winner of this tournament was (Shwaz Hashim ) ,He has been announced as Table Tennis Champion .

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