Seminars of Business and Management Department

Business and Management Department of Ishik University Sulaimany is organizing weekly seminars in the Campus. Every week on Thursdays Lecturers of the Department presenting different topics from the field of Modern Management Concepts. Up to now: Mr. Taylan Budur, Dr. Ahmet Demir, Ms. Sazan Taher, Mr. Bzhar Nasreddin, and Mr. Sarkhel Sawkat have held their seminars. Next week’s topic is going to be Quality in Marketing Strategies and going to be hold by Ms. Hawnaz Omar from Sulaimania University.

The purpose of the seminars is to establish a better organizational culture and to gain a better   insight into the current issues in the management science. Seminars are organized by Head of the Department of the Business and Management Department of the University.

On Thursday, 20th December 2018.


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