Recent Technologies for building and road construction

On 27.12.2016 the Engineering faculty hosted a seminar for Dr. Jwamer Omar entitled (Recent Technologies for building and road construction)
Therein he has focused on the recent concrete admixtures nowadays used around the world for fixing and repairing different structural members from variety of projects.
The seminar was attended by the students from the engineering faculty and many other guests whom have come to attend the seminar.
Dr. Jwamer Omar has PhD In the field of civil engineering from the University of London; he is now working with Ridge Company. He has published a book in the name of “BUILDING A HOUSE STEP BY STEP BY CORRECT ENGINEERING MANNER” which contains all the steps that anybody needs in the construction process. The book was originally written in Kurdish and it was translated into Arabic as well. He has presented some copies of his book to ishik university sulaimani library. His book is available for purchase in the book shops.
At the end of the seminar the head of civil engineering department appreciated the attendees and Dr. Jwamer was awarded a certificate of appreciation from Ishik University Sulaimani.

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