Making Candles with aroma

Ishik University Sulaimani hosted a workshop with the help of Ms.Hana Omer Salih owner of (floras candle) under the name of (Making Candle with Aroma) on 12thof April 2018 at Ishik University Sulaimani.

The workshop attended by students and staff of ishik university Sulaimani, the purpose of the workshop was to entertain students with new hand craft work and to take a rest from academic class’s environment.

The workshop started with a brief history of candle and different types of making candles wax, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The day of the workshop students started to make candles with two different types of waxes       (paraffin and soy wax) to see the difference between them even in melting point and appearance by themselves.

Students enjoyed making candle with different senses, different colors and different designs, and they learned how to stick picture on candles .


The workshop ended with decorating candles which is inspired by nature, by using natural and artificial flower cinnamon and coffee.

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