Ishik University Hosted the 4th (Ishik Test Competition Organization) award ceremony.

On 26.10.2016, Wednesday, in a small ceremony Ishik University hosted the 4th (ITCO) award ceremony. In the ceremony that was attended by Dr. Sherko Hamaamin Parliament member of KRG, Mr. Dlshad Omer general director of education in Sulaimani ,General Director of Roonaki Educational company Mr. Arslan Celik and friends and family of the award winning students. Accompanied by media agencies. Students who were succeeded in the exam competition received money awards. While their schools received devices to use at their schools for education.

Revan muhhiding who achieved 1st place in the completion as an award was given 1,000,000 IQD, his school principle from Private Halabja Boys college was awarded a computer and projector to be used at his school. However, since they already have enough computers they decided to gove that computer to one of the needy schools in Halabja province.

During his speech at the ceremony, Dr. Dlshad Omer, talked high of the role of Roonaki School in Kurdistan education. He also thanked Ishik University for hosting such ceremony.

A total of 11 students were granted gifts for their achievement in ITCO exam. A total amount of 4,000,000 IQD was granted to those students and their successor schools.









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