One of our students at Ishik University’s civil engineering department has recently joined the exchange programme he earned and will spend a semester of his academic year in the host country.

Blnd Azad Wahab from Civil engineering Department at Ishik University, Sulaimani went to University technology  Malaysia (UTM) for student exchange program as one academic term (Fall-2018) until February 2019

With the efforts from our international office, our international exchange student programs move forward smoothly. The variety of the exchange student programmes, nationalities, exchange universities and exchange majors is expanding year by year. At their respective host universities, the students are learning some new educational theories and also ponder about the possibility of integrating them into our system. Despite the similarities between our principles with theirs, there is still a room for enhancement and further amelioration.

The benefits of the exchange programmes transcend far beyond a mere experience. Our students not only gain knowledge from their enlightening instruction, they are also bound to find one’s own interest through the host country educational system.

The aim of our exchange programmes with these universities is to further implement the values of diversity, tolerance and internationalization which our university is founded on.  Moreover, the exchange students and staff get cultural benefits; tolerance, open- mindedness and forward-thinking, creating world peace one student at a time.

Besides, we’re promoting and encouraging innovation, creativity, flexibility, professionalism, competence, a strong work ethic, teamwork, inclusiveness, mutual respect and community. What a better way to achieve these values other than cultural integration.

The majors of the exchange programs with University Technology, Malaysia (UTM) include civil engineering for now. Subject to the cooperation agreements signed by between Ishik and UTM, each university shall recognize the courses and credit of the other, and all our sophomores and junior students who meet the relevant requirements will be eligible to apply to study at our cooperated universities for one or two term(s).

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