Final Presentation of the Villa

The second project of the 1st semester was (Villa) project. Students were divided into five groups to design villa for four different clients according to their specialists. The clients’ specialists were (Musician, Sculptors, Astronaut and Architect).

The aim of specifying clients’ specialists was to encourage students to design their projects according to the philosophical thought of their clients’ life style and also to give them chance to make metaphor from different fields to architecture design such as metaphor of musical compositions and rhythms in architecture design or the interpretation of astronaut space thinking into architecture field.

Villa is a kind of project were both function and form are important while designing so the project is both “Form and functional Oriented” project in architecture.

The importance of this project can be seen from its main function that is used for daily life of human therefore any lack in the function or form appearance would affect the residence of the villa in their daily life time.  The students were introduced with the importance of privacy in the function of house and villa to distinguish between public zone, semi-public zone and private zone.

The project started on November 13th 2017 with a site visit of the project that was proposed outside the city in (Wazha) region in Sulaimani city.

The final date of the project was on January  15th 2018 and the students presented amazing works on their final presentation. The followings are some images of the students designed works:


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