Final Presentation of Art Gallery Project

Part of the studies of architectural engineering department is enabling the students to design real life projects in order to gain experience in the field. Ishik University creates opportunity for students of architecture department to do just that, the students are supposed to deliver multiple design projects throughout their education curriculum. In order to make these projects more beneficial for the students the department opens the gate of delivering real life projects.

Amongst these projects is the first project of the 1st semester, which was was (Art Gallery) project which is more likely to be “Form Oriented” project in architecture. The importance of this project can be seen from its main function which is exhibition activity. The exhibition function in an art gallery covers the largest area of the project that can be designed as a large exhibition hall, which has a large span that help student to think about an appropriate structural system for the large span. This kind of thinking made students to think in an architectural language where structure can work as the basic concept of their design.

The work on the project began on October 10th 2016, with a site visit of the project that was proposed in (Hawary Shar) general park located in the north-East of Sulaimani city.

The concept was to design an (Art Gallery) inside the public park, this helped the students on thinking how to attract people toward a form oriented project.

The final date of the project was on November 9th 2016 and the students presented amazing works on their final presentation. The followings are some pictures of some works that was designed by the students.


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