Earthquake Resistant Building Competition

On April 8th 2018 civil engineering department at Ishik University Sulaimani in cooperation with the civil engineering department at both Sulaimani University and American University of Iraq Sulaimani organized the 1st Earthquake Resistant Building Competition that was held in Sulaimani university, faculty of science conference hall.

The students from 5 universities participated in the competition. Each University was participated with only 3 groups which was consist of 3 students. The participant universities were Ishik University Sulaimani, Sulaimani University, American University of Iraq Sulaimani, Ishik University Erbil and Komar University for Science and Technology.

Aims of Earthquake Resistant Building Design Competition was to offer an opportunity to the civil engineering students to work in high rise building and modelling the building stages, also to introduce the profession of earthquake engineering and to encourage students for these fields of specializations. And to increase awareness of earthquake and earthquake resistant building.

Another aim of the competition was to help the students from different universities at the same department to have a chance to know each other, meet and share ideas based on their knowledge from their field.

The winners of the competition were decided by the juries from the participant universities.

Due to lack of efficiency of the shaking table the juries agreed on announcing all participants as winners, and the award that was specified for the winners were distributed among the participant groups.

Because so many groups asked to reveal the real winners whom the juries called honorable winners and their names disclosed based on the following criteria: First: technique; which means is it scientifically provable and applicable. Second: efficiency factor. The intensity should’ve been fixed for all. Weight, time and constructability which could be applicable of the technique that has been used. Third: functionality; architectural purpose of the building.

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