Department of Architectural Engineering Organized a Site Visit..,

As a part of the practical session15171043_1807761279481435_6165788560642666718_ns, Architectural engineering department arranged a site visit for the second class Architectural Engineering students to (Hawary Shar General Park)..,

Visiting The Real Lands (sites) Which Proposed to be Designed by Students, is one of the Important steps that let students design in Real Environment, and it will make a Greater Understanding for students to begin their Analysis and putting basic design concepts.
Architectural Engineering Department under the s15095640_1807761392814757_1870888900943640720_nupervision of Mr. Wirya Sabir lecturer of Architectural Design course arranged a site visit to the second class Architectural engineering students to (Hawary Shar General Park), we Visited the General Park of (Hawary Shar), The Site Was Located inside The Park, which was proposed to be the site of the project(Art Gallery), on The Land Detail Information Were given to students by lecturers in order to let students see the real factors that Affect Architectural Design.




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