Construction Site Visit

On Monday 11/11/2018, the students of the second year of the Department of Architecture at the ISHIK University undertook the scientific visit relating – Building Construction Technology course – to the Kurdish Towers Project. The project located on Salim Street that opposite to the Kurdistan Engineers Union in Sulaymaniyah.

The project is one of the most advanced residential projects in the Sulaimani governorate and the region as well.

The project consists of two residential buildings with 43 floors (6 floors of them are used for parking and engineering services), the rest which are 37 floors designed as residential units (apartments), and the last floor consists of duplex apartments type.

At the beginning of the visit, Mr. Twana Akram Omer, (the resident engineer) of the project, gave a detailed engineering and scientific explanation about the project from the beginning until the completion of the foundation works. The work has been stopped due to the difficult economic conditions.

After that, and continuing to his explanation about the project, Engineer Twana arrived and in detailed scientific way all the foundation works, including the testing, tapping the shoring piles, then drilling and excavations stages arriving the main piles of the project which consists of 375 piles, all these stages done in a scientific and accurate methods according to the prepared designs and site inspections of the project, said Mr. Twana (The resident engineer)..

At the end of the visit all the questions and required explanations asked by the students were answered by the Engineer.

Finally, the visit took about an hour and a half.

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