Coloring the Environment by Planting Trees

Environmental club Members participated in a volunteer work by planting 5000 trees at the park of (Hawary Shar) with the directorate of environment of Sulaimani staff and other environmental organizations of Kurdistan Regional Government.Protecting environment is the duty of all citizens of Iraq and having such an event like this reminds people to feel responsibility to protect the environment.

Planting trees have endless advantages on Environment and they can be counted as balancing the eco system, increasing property value and adding varieties to our landscape, increasing forest areas, helping to reduce greenhouse gasses and fighting with climate changes, improving the quality of the natural environment, attracting more wildlife and increasing wildlife habitat, improving water quality in our streams and ponds, protecting groundwater supplies and improving your outdoor recreational activities. As the Ishik family, students worked eagerly in the planting tree activity and are ready to take part in such future projects.


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