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Personal Data |

Name: Dogan Ozdemir

Date of Birth: September 15  , 1974

Place of Birth: Tokat ,Turkey

Tel: 7506369587


Nationality : Turc

Marital Status: Married

Gender: Male

Education |

2003-2008 Master and Doctorant (Moleculer Biology Engineering),  Moldova State University, Chisinau, Moldova
Faculty of Education, Biology Department.

1993 – 1997 The University of Marmara  , Istanbul
Faculty of Education, Biology Teaching Department in English.

1992 – 1997 The University of Marmara  , Istanbul

English Preparatory school.

1989-1992  Naci Eksi Anadolu High School , Istanbul.

Work Experience |

Head of Biology Deparment: Orizont Schools 1999-2011

Chair of National Student Project: 1999- 2008 ,Chisinau ,Moldova

Head of Basic sciences : Ishik University,Faculty of Dentistry , 2011-2013

Chair of Engineering conference (ICE): Ishik University,Faculty of Engineering ,2013-2015

Dean of Engineering: Ishik University,Faculty of Engineering ,2013-2015.

Editor Conference of ICEEE:  Ishik University,Faculty of Engineering, 2014-

Chair of Student Competion NICE: Ishik University,Faculty of Engineering, 2015

Qualifications |

September (03 – 08) 1999 Global Learning and Observation to Benefit The Environment.The GLOBE Program, Chisinau.

November (05 – 10) 2001 MOSTRATEC Course. Highest Level. Bresial

January (03 – 07)   2001 Multiple Intelligence and Using technology in Class Management by Abdulkadir Dokme Selt Publishing .

March, 2001 The Methodolgy of English Language Teaching. Teachers’ Resource Center British Council, Bucharest.

November 2014 , Member of GEDC, Global Engineering Dean Council ,Chicago,USA.

December 2015 , Member of GEDC, December 2015 Global Engineering Dean Council ,Dubai ,UAE.

June ,2015  , Key note speaker ,IAACT conference , Antalya ,Turkey.

Courses Taught |

General Biology and Genetics  (1997-2011) : USM and Orizont High School,Chisinau , Moldova

Microbiology and Medical Biology  (2011-2015 ) : Ishik University ,Faculty of Dentistry

Languages |

Language Writtten Reading Spoken Understanding
English Very good Excellent Excellent Excellent
Russian Weak Very Good Good Good
Romanian Weak Weak Weak Weak

Mother Tangue: TurkishTOEFL result April 2015  :  70

Publications and Conferences |

Dogan OZDEMIR  2007. , Series “Science of nature”,Nr.1,Genetic polymorphism under therapy genotypes of cucumber and sunflower, p. 70-75.

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