(2016-2017 academic year graduate students of ) Private Sulaimani Girls’ College visited Ishik University in Sulaimani 

While the new registration period of Ishik University continues amongst many other visitors to our university, on 03.10.2017, 2016-2017 academic year graduate students of Private Sulaimania Girls’ College visited Ishik University in Sulaimania. The group consisted of 32 students and teacher.
In previously arranged ceremony the groups were welcomed by Ishik University academics and staff. Ishik University offered a great breakfast to the students. After having delightful time during breakfast in the University refectory students were delivered a seminar by the lecturer at Ishik University Dr. Aziza Kavlu, consisting of a welcoming speech, learning philosophy, presentation about Sulaimania Ishik University’s vision, mission, all departments’ scientific and social activities .
After informative seminar, students visited lecture halls, classrooms, computer center, a library, and laboratories and talked with Ishik University staff to get more information about the university. Students took pictures. At the end students of Private Sulaimania Girls’ College and teacher thanked the university staff for their warm welcome and their hospitality and expressed their astonishment how the University within 3 years has been actualizing significant improvement and became one of the best universities of the region.


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