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1st National Joint Workshop on Professional and Academic Development in English Language Teaching and Learning

On 30th March, 2019 TISHK International University Sulaimani held the 1st National joint Workshop with the University of Sulaimani entitled “Professional and Academic Development in English Language Teaching and Learning for Undergraduate Students”. There were 53 Presenters and participants from different countries, such as Albania, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Iraq   working at the universities and schools around Kurdistan Region of Iraq, among them; TISHK University Erbil, TISHK University Sulaimani, Cihan University of Sulaimani, University of Halabja, Charmo University, the University of Sulaimani, United Science Colleges / Primary, Secondary and High Schools.

The workshop started with Dr. Ahmet Demir’s Introductory speech about the importance of Education and Educators followed by four workshop sessions presented by:

Dr. Aziza Kavlu “Daily classes, teaching load and how to improve as an Academic Researcher”

Kurdistan Muhammad – Burnout among University Teachers: Causes and Solutions

Fatima Jalal Tahir – Communication Problems facing University Academics

Dr. Sara Kamal Othman – Strategies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Each session was held actively followed by a fruitful discussion  in which the participants played a vital role in making the academic event beneficial and engaging.

The workshop started at 9:00 until 13:00 and took place in the Main Building of TIU Sulaimania.

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