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Toward a green Sulaimani

Toward the idea of making Goizha Mountain green again, Ishik Environment Club participated in an activity to plant oak trees on the mountain.

On 13th of January a group of students consisting of members of the environmental club participated in an activity of planting oak trees on the mountain, the event was supervised by our own Ms. Shewa Muhsin. One of the students mentioned that “planting tree is an important factor for maintaining balance in the environment, besides giving a nice and calming view having high green area reduces Co2 emissions.

The environmental club was established by Sarhad Ali, second year civil engineering student and supervised by Ms. Shewa Mushin, the clubs aim is to raise awareness of their fellow classmates on dealing with the environment in a positive way. The members of the club plan to participate in many other volunteer actions that positively impacts the environment of Kurdistan and Sulaimani in particular.


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