The First Wood Stick Bridge Design Competition in Ishik University Sulaimani

The Engineering Club of Ishik University Sulaimani organized a wood stick bridge design competition among both civil engineering and architecture engineering students within the academic year 2016-2017. However, the interest to the competition was much more from the civil engineering students. The competition was planned to be in the form of a workshop, since the students were allowed to design and to construct their bridges only within the university.

It was very competitive and the students were very excited to do such an activity within the university.

The bridges were exhibited to the visitors of IPEP on 22 April 2017, but due to the time required for breaking the bridges was too much, the bridges evaluation test was not done completely.

Final evaluation test of the bridges to determine the maximum amount of load they can hold has been achieved on 11 May 2017.

The champion of this competition was a unique design that demonstrated it carrying 300 kg.

Ishik University Sulaimani always appreciates the students  interest and awards them for such scientific competitions.

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