Site Visit to the Faculty of Fine Arts

“A site visit has been conducted by the students of the 2nd stage Architectural Engineering Department of Ishik University to the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Sulaimani State University in Qilyasan, as a part of the Free-hand drawing class activities.

The aim of the trip was to enable the students to have an idea about teaching methodologies of art studies, products, and activities, to enhance their perception about the nature of relationship between art and architecture.

Firstly, students have been introduced to the new Campus of Sulaimani University all the way to the Faculty of Fine Arts, in terms of history of the project, the master plan, design of each facility, and the implementation. The esteemed deputy dean of the Faculty and the Head of Music department (thankfully), warmly welcomed the students and provided a brief explanation about the academic departments within the Faculty and the available facilities. Then visited the department of Plastic Arts and checked the sculpture, ceramic , and free-hand drawing ateliers.

A free-hand drawing session, outside the Faculty, have been arranged by the instructors to draw one of the campus buildings (The Presidency of the University). On the way back, There was a tour around the campus to see the other facilities before leaving.”

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