Ishik University Sulaimani Celebrating International Women’s Day ‘’ on 8th of March 2018

Ishik University Sulaimani Art Club with the help of Food Club students hosted an event named under “Celebrating International Women’s Day ‘’ on 8th of March 2018.

The event was attended by students and activist women in empowering women’s portal. The main purpose of this event was to empower our students to act as a Heroine of their life and eliminate the idea of being victims of society.

Inspiration speech given by Dr.Jwan Ehsan Fawzi Psychological Assistant Professor at University of Sulaimani , only thing that prevent you to appreciate your being  is your belief.

Sozyar Muhammed Known as (Soza Muhammed) active blogger on social media (Instagram) started telling her story about how she started blogging and making money through tutorial videos. She insisted on the importance of owning your own work.

On the day of event, Food Club served students with food for free, University gifted Narcissus flowers to the students as a symbol of starting a new beginning. Appreciation letters were sent to all Isik Sulaimania University students’ mothers. Students wrote their appreciation notes to an important female in their life. The point behind that was to give them the opportunity to express their feelings to someone who helped them in their lives, whether if it’s a mother, a sister, a teacher or mentor.

The event ended with ‘’Let it go ‘’ slogan to encourage students write their deep fear and limited beliefs that are not serving them anymore and let them go with the balloon forever.


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