Ishik Student on the Media

(15.03.2017, Kurdsat Broadcasting corporation, Sulaimani), Part of Ishik University curriculum is to aid students to think outside of their field of studies and improve their hobbies, even if their interest does not counterpart with their studying fields.

Mr. Rahel Zahir is a sophomore at Ishik University Sulaimani Civil Engineering department, Mr. Zahir has an interest for electronics and inventions, his latest work is a “steering wheel” that is compatible with electronic games. Mr. Zahir told the media that the story behind his invention as that at first he thought of bringing a device that could teach his fellow citizens how to drive on an computer environment, however the devices and computer parts were far too expensive. That is why he came up with the idea of building his own steering wheel with cheaper and more available parts inside Kurdistan.

His invention became an eye catching subject on social media and was a point of interest for Media Outlets. Amongs those coverages Mr. Rahel Zahir Gave an interview to Kurdsat News channel on their evening news program, in answer to one of the questions asked by the presenter, Mr. Rahel mentioned that he did the research for his build by his own and talked with specialist from Thailand and other countries, where he got most of his information on the build from those specialist, the research took more than 3 month before he started his build.

Mr. Rahel Zahir, is from one of the gifted minded students of Ishik University. This is not one of his first works, he has also built and invented other devises in his previous years of studies. He has also build a house model made of sticks and an Unmanned Arial plane.

Mr. Zahir, is planning to participate with his latest invention in the upcoming IPEP (Ishik Publick Exhibition of Projects) which will be held at Ishik University In Sulaimani 22nd of April 2017. He also hopes that he will be one of the award winning projects amongst his classmates.

Below is a link to the full interview:

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