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Ishik University Art Club executive members Dunya Muhammed and Chraxan Bestun, with help of members of Art Club hosted an event under the name of “Empowering Women “on 6th of December, inspired by the 25th year of the 16 Days of Activism for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

the event was attended by students, family of the students and some activist on the case of women empowerment inside Sulaimani. The main purpose behind conducting this event was to highlight the student’s achievements and encourage the talented students to bring about what they have accomplished and more importantly to show their remarkable talents.

In addition to that, some seminars were given by specialist on the case of violence against women, the seminars were about about women empowerment and gender equality. It was more about how to work with each other to motivate and empower women to show their achievement. At the same day, fundraising event was included, which was about selling foods, handmade items to support for students who were involved in conducting such activities in the coming future.

After the seminars were concluded Mrs. Ala Kamal from Asuda Organization gave a workshop to the women of Ishik University, Where she talked about how women can be an active member of the society and showed them ways they can embrace their talents and make good use out of them.









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