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  • PhD, International Black Sea University, Business and Management-2015, Tbilisi/Georgia
  • MS, International Black Sea University, Business and Management-2010, Tbilisi/Georgia
  • BS, International Black Sea University, Industrial Engineering-2008, Tbilisi/Georgia
  • Head of Quality Assurance Unit at Ishik University 2015
  • Head of Business and Management Department at Ishik University, Sulaimani Branch, 2015 
  • Scientific Committee Member at \”Education and Development Conference\”, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015, Nov. 2014
  • Coordinator of Total Quality Management at Ishik University, Mar. 2013- Oct. 2014
  • MCSI 2014 best paper award, EUROPMENT, 13-SEP-14
  • First Place on Academic Performance at Ishik University, 2014-2015 Educational Year
  • Receiving appreciation letter from PAR HOSPITAL for academic project, 2013-2014 Educational Year
  • Receiving appreciation letter from NEWROZ TELECOM for academic project, 2014-2015 Educational Year
Academic Journals |

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  • Ahmet Demir, Karwan Talaat, Cumhur Aydinli “The Relations among Dimensions of Service Quality, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Willingness to pay more: Case of GSM Operators Service at Northern-Iraq” International Academic Journal of Accounting, Finance, and Management Sciences. November, 2015

Proceedings |

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Books |

  • Ahmet Demir, “Quality Control in Business, Education and Manufacturing by Using Robust Models” Lampert Publishing, ISBN 978-3-659-79425-4, 2015
  • “Survey Analysis Using SPSS”, International Black Sea University Academic Staff, 01-JUL-15
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  • “Importance of TQM and Applicability of Kaizen Model in Universities”, Academic-Administrative Staff of International Black Sea University, All Departments, 28-DEC-12
  • AutoCAD