An Introduction to Academic Debate and the Important Steps to debating Perfection

On 09.02.2017 a seminar under the title of “An introduction to academic Debate and the Important Steps to debating Perfection” was held at Ishik University Sulaimani.
The Seminar which was presented by Mr. Brwa M. Dler who is a lecturer from the University of Sulaimani, the main contents of the seminar included the following topics:
• Academic Debate: Definitions and Importance
• Important Steps to “Debating Perfection”
• Constructing a good Argument
• Oral Communication Skills for Debating Purposes
• Academic Debate Formats: “Cross Examination Debate” and “Oxford Debate” styles as the main types of Academic debate
• Debaters’ Evaluation Criteria
Students and lecturers from all the faculties of Ishik University attended the seminar, after the assembly an appreciation letter was awarded to Mr. Brwa M. Dler for his exceptional speech and his stimulating information.

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