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A Joint Scientific Symposium with University of Human Development

Department of Business and Management of Ishik University Sulaimani with Department of Business Administration of University of Human Development held a joint scientific symposium entitled under the name “How to Implement Theories of Management in the Practical Life” at UHD.

The symposium consisted of three main articles.
The first article entitled under the name “Importance of Building Institutions for Supporting Small Projects” was presented by Mr. Salah Hassan Ahmed, lecturer at UHD.
In this article the presenter explained how these institutions are important in supporting small projects.
The second article entitled under the name “How to Adopt to the New Education Era” was presented by Dr. Ahmet Demir, lecturer at Ishik University Sulaimani.
In this article joining management theories with labor markets was mentioned in which each lecture and management theories that are studied in the universities must be applied in real markets.
The third article entitled under the name “A research for Education Conclusion in real markets” was presented by Mr. Abid Ahmed Sulaiman.
In this article importance of private sectors in improving business and economy in the country was mentioned.
The symposium was held on Tuesday 06.03.2018.
Then the participants were allowed to ask their suggestions and questions.
This symposium was held with the participation of Business and Management students of both universities.

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